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Dan Rotigel
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Seem to be a lotta 16v's changing hands this week....

II'll try to bring up new info. I puchased my car for 7.5k with 80k, no rust, not raced, and in good mechanical condition. I wanted a un-molested example, with everything stock. If you are just starting to learn how to work on cars, or want to spend as little $ on repairs as possible, get a car that hasn't been modified. What you end up with might not be as exciting, but at least you know where you start, and what you have. I have the utmost respect for the people who modify their cars in a quality manner, but you don't want a teenager's project car! I say this as a 19 year old...

If the head is being re-worked, I would imagine it had a failure with the timing chain tensioner. This is a good thing if you buy it BUT only if the head is re-done right. Make sure it was done right, with the right parts.

'As advertised' is a pretty subjective term, but I'll say that they are a blast to drive, I always get compliments, and I look foreward to getting into it in the morning. Its not a highway cruiser the way the luxo-liners are, but I did a 14 hour drive three days ago with nary a complaint. Drive one yourself, there is no other way.
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