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1998 E300D TurboDiesel Buzzing Noise

Hey Guys,

My E300D TurboDiesel just developed a wierd noise on its own. It is quite loud and at first I thought something was rubbing on the front tires. That turned out not to be the case, but I have noticed it starts between 60 mph and 65 mph. It is sensitive to wind direction, sometimes being stimulated by wind from one direction or the other, sometimes stopped. Have not correlated the direction with the effect yet. At times it sounds like it is coming from the base of the windshield or in the ventilation system, and at other times it sounds like it might be in the induction system. At any rate, it gets loud enough to be alarming, so you cannot drown it out with the stereo.

Anyone had a similar experience? I am getting close to the end of the factory warranty and will be transitioning to the Starmark warranty. Have no idea if the Starmark warranty is more or less of a challenge, or if it is just a continuance of the factory warranty.

Anyone with a suggestion is welcome to speak up, this one has me baffled, and I do not want to turn the car over to the dealer for a week or so while they figure it out unless I have to. Not that I don't appreciate them, I just don't want to leave the car there endlessly as we check a million possibilities. Thanks, Jim
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