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Question 73 280 4.5-help with injectors

Here is a update on my diagnosis-
Quick recap - will run with fuel metered thru throttle bore -32 psi fuel pressure.
I opened ECU and see no burns or loose solder. I checked with my fluke 88 meter at the ECU connector the 4 trigger point signals and they are good on and off signals. Cleaned trigger points anyway. I then checked the ohms from the ECU unplugged to Each injector, all ok- no shorts or open. Next I checked with the car running on the fuel in the throttle bore, the injector signals and have none on all 8cyls.
Key on or engine running , all the injector wires at the ECU read ground on both lines to each injector (or pair) no voltage showing on any line.If I unplug the ECU and check voltage right out of ECU for the injector signal wires I have battery voltage and the common ground is good. If I plug in the ECU and unplug all the injectors I have a 12 volt and ground on every injector plug.
Also if I now crank engine with all injectors unplugged I have no noid light on any plug either.
Is this a ECU problem?
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