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I'd recc Smythe- I've found that they are speedy and efficient and don't willy nilly the Starmark warranty.
(near 180 degrees opposite vs. European Motors of SF-... forged effective relationship w/ them for over 5 years, but was required to negotiate the majority of clearly covered warranty repairs)

Smythe will provide rental car (gratis) while your car is in , and will wash it (gratis) prior to returning it.

I recc Mr. Paul Werner as an excellent Service Advisor 408-345-2209. I've found Paul to be totally consistent in his honest & caring character and has always tried his best to please his client. Paul calls me immed upon diagnosis of issues, calls to let me know when parts have arrived (if ordered for the repair), and updates me on eta's of completion. He even accomodates my request to ensure that the E500 is stored inside vs. sitting in the hot sun or outside chilly overnight.

I've found the tech skills to be entirely competent in supporting my cause to me maintain the '94 E320 Coupe and '94 E500 in perfect mechanical condition. I've not had to return for any repair re-do's.

hope this helps
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