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Sealant question and a thank you

First off Thank you chowpit for emailing me the 300e water pump manual pages it was a awesome help !!!! thank you

Question i have do i need any sealant on the bottom water pump bolts seems like i am seeing water in the threads so i wonder if they pass through , also any sealant on the sensors that go in to the w/p housing ? i also think i need some on one of the bolts that hold the y bracket on the tensioner , from what i read , also should i look for the locktite 5900 or the hylamar sealant that i read about here

Not a bad diy job read the posts did my searching and once again this board was a valuable resource ,removed it this morning, only small problem i ran into was a rounded allen on the right side but a few taps on the socket with the hammer to seat it better did the trick , but to find a replacement bolt on a sunday seemed to be a tougher job so ill wait till tommorow at the euro parts store.

thanks again for all those who replied to my original post ,
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