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The 300CE and 300SL engines are the ones you want to use. a 2.3-16v 5-speed manual tranny and friveline parts are also prime candidates since the stock 2.6 tranny is very small.

Trust me I had everything lines up, a 300SL engine for $2500, just rebuilt. Normally they go for about $4-5 sicne they are rare, 24v, and 3.0 using the KEH with a higer 6700 rpm then the 300CEs 6400.

The transmission Mike Skees used on his conversion was a tranny form a 300E 5-speed manual. he had his enlarged to a 3.2 pushing about 250hp.

In the Maryland area: Mike, Rick from RC-Imports, and Potomac German Auto, as well as Dr. CArlos Piad who stuffed a C36 in his 190E 2.3-16v, are very well renound.

Then you have MBDoc and Benzmac down south a little further.

Expect to spend as much in labor as the engine.

Which is why I stopped doing it, mid way of purchasing the entire driveline. If I find a steal price on the 300SL engine, I might continue.
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