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Amazing how info gets turned around.

There are no histories recorded in OBDII or I. The closest thing to a history is freeze frame data captured at the moment of the two failures it takes to set the light.

The closest this info has to fact is the projections for OBDIII. For years now the OBDII monitors have done a better job of monitoring emissions than do tailpipe tests. BUT, great amounts of money were spent on tailpipe test equipment so OBDIII has been put off.

Some various plans for OBDIII are, one case would have cars restricted to 50mph after the light was set, with further reductions in speed down to 15 mph at 50 mile intervals till fixed, another would have direct satellite monitoring, real time. The manufacturers don't want the first (they will get blamed) and the ACLU doesn't want the second. Some form of government monitoring of onboard info IS planned.

And BTW, this wildebeast got his first O2 sensor training about 22 years ago. Have repaired systems, designed systems, built systems, wrote about them and taught them.

You old worlders are just getting into this pond, we have been in it for 23 years.
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