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Question Rough Running 280C - Help!

I have a 94 C280 that suddenly started running rough. It runs rough at idle, low speed and highway speed. Additionally, there was a noticable odor of gasoline on shut down.

After reading a number of posts in this forum, it appeared that the problem was probably faulty coil ends. So, I replaced them... and the plugs and the wires and the boots.

Task completed, I fired her up. Same condition. Still running rough and still smell gasoline after shut down.

Other information: (1) The "Check Engine" light does not and has not come on. (2) Another anomoly; while driving at low speeds in town, the A/C will arbitrarily shut itself off - a condition that only manifested itself AFTER the engine trouble began.

Question: Should I replace the end caps and wires that supply juice to the coil? Or am I looking at some entirely different problem? Maybe a sensor???

Many thanks.
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