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Question Here's what I know.

Thanks for the replys, My first mercedes report read as follows,

Car wil not start @ times and check engine light is no on. Check fuel pressure and ignition system. M3 not running when car won't start, check k27 relay (test good). Check K1 relay (test good). Check and test power from E4 to K27, Car won't start and still have power from F4 and K27. Test for power from K27 to X36/2. (no power when car will not start>) checked following, X4, X4/22, Z3, X12/3 ect.

This is a lot of greek to me. I was tired of dealing with them, so I paid my 350.00 for no cure and took my car to another dealership. They have the car now and will be looking at this week. I will have them check my fuel sensor and crank position sensor, I am not sure is any of those two were listed above, They tried to tell me they check everything, I don't believe that. I will keep you posted on my results.
Thanks eric
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