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Climate control function

Just had the evaporator and all the vac. elements changed out on the 88 TE. Having lived with an improperly functioning climate control system for years, I have a few questions concerning the proper auto climate functions:

Is it typical to have a small continous amount of air blowing out of the defrost vents while the a/c button is pushed (defrost actuator is new)? I still get a small amout of fogging on the outside of the windshield on a humid day. Could this be a adjustment I could make by removing the glove box or is this small amount of constant defrost designed into the system?

I do not notice any change in air flow when the re-circulate button is pushed (red light on) nor do I hear any flap closing/opening (new reirc actuator). On my Saab there is a distinct increase in the airflow with the recirc. on.

After the car cools down close to the set temp. the air blows from the side vents and stops blowing from the center vents. Is this correct?

Thanks in advance

Ed C.
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