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OK, this may require some imagination...Today just before I arrived home, I noticed a noise that was not familiar at all. At first I thought it was part of the exhaust system, babging up against the chassis somewhere. It is not. I am going to attempt to describe this noise, in hope that someone has heard this before, and can help me. The noise is prominent at idle, but diminishes as I step on the accel. pedal, and then completely goes away when running at 1500rpm. It sounds kinda like fanblades hitting a large diammeter rubber hose, like maybe a radiatior hose. It is not really a metallic sound. (clanging) more like bad drumming, but rhythmic with the engine at idle. "growl" comes to mind too.

Any ideas?? This has got me worried...I have to use the car tomorrow. I'd use the 280 but it needs tires and the carb linkage sticks something fierce-but that is for another post, when I am not working on an ulcer or something.

Thank you for your time!


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