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XP, I saw your post on the 190 Rev page.
You need to check the fuel pressure at the distributor. This is very essential, since the Bosch fuel system works with pressure. Once the pressure is checked, if it is not up to spec, you need to look at the fuel accumulator, and fuel pumps(s).

If pressure is within spec, you need to properly adjust the EHA. You probably already played with this. This is a no-no. Do a search on EHA to find the proper procedure to adjust this.

Then, check the sensors:
- coolant sensors ( maybe two or three in the 190..Don't remember)
- check the TPS (throttle position sensor)
- check for a loose OVP.. if you see lights on the dash light up during acceleration or hesitation
- and PLEASE replace the ignition cap, rotor, plugs (use copper plugs ONLY), and ignition wires if needed.
- Also, don't forget the fuel filter and some injection cleaner while you are at it.

Once this is done, please advise us.
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