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Originally Posted by ROLLGUY View Post
For all of you who have purchased a Gen II kit, I have another update. I am planning on making another bracket to help secure the bottom of the compressor mounting plate. It will mount using longer bolts in 3 of the pan bolt holes, and nuts on the top. Another hole (1/2") is drilled in the compressor mounting plate .625 from each edge. Here is a look at the prototype:

Location of drilled hole:

The bracket is needed more for the 616 application, but I have prototypes made for both the 616 & 617 turbo (they are different). I am not sure if the 617 N/A has the same lower pan as the turbo. If it is different, I will need to make a third bracket. From now on, all of the plates will have the hole drilled in them, and the bracket should be available shortly. If you have a plate already installed, it is possible to drill the hole without removing the compressor. I will post here when the brackets are available, and send them to those that have already purchased a kit....Rich

What's the issue you are having with the plate? Vibrations? Plate flexing? Does the Gen 1 have the same issue?

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