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Originally Posted by Graham View Post
I have parts and have just installed passenger side arm. No problem there. There was one part back ordered. It is part 32 that EPC calls a nut, but MBCanada calls a CAP. Part number 123-824-00-72.

I can't really see what this is. I thought it was the knurled piece that the wiper mates with, but that seems to be an integral part of the wiper shaft.

The part number still seems to be valid. Anyone know what that part is that I am missing, and if I need it?

ADDED: OK Instead of talking to myself, I will add what I learned. part 32 is not a NUT, it is a CAP or maybe CUP! It is most likely the plastic cup that fits over the wiper shaft. My dealer just called to say, despite it being in EPC, it is no longer available. No problem for me because I still have both cups. I repairedcrack in one by coating it with POR. My wiper are back together and working just fine

BTW - There was no problem buying and installing the linkage 26 and the rest of the washers and nuts. Low cost too.
Rubber cap/cover, body under the wiper arm
MB# 1238240072
This part is NLA.
I have been looking for alternatives, as I need 10+ for personal cars.

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