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Could also be in your cables/hose

There are electrical wires that are harnessed together with simple plastic locking pull ties. It's possible one of those got loose or broke. Check to make sure those aren't rattling.

As to the "the driver's door gets used the most so you'll lube that window regulator", N E G A T O R Y!!!! I know it's a pain, but while you're at it, do 'em all. Later, you'll forget how to take the door panels off. I'm glad I hit mine all at the same time. And with the passenger side door panel off, you can see how it goes up/down compared to the other. If you fail to lube them properly, you could be looking at a very big problem, and at a very bad time. I was lucky that mine had the problem just AFTER a HUGE downpour of a storm we had here. Tighten up all the bolts, you said 5, that might be for the regulator itself. You also want to tighten up the bolts/screws holding the tracks in place. Especially note the short one that runs at an angle, it's about 6 inches long. The window doesn't run on it, but the stabilizer does.

Tighten them if loose.
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