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10K lbs engine hoist is a lot of lifting power !!

Originally Posted by jbrianfoto View Post
I feel kinda like that soldier that PAtton slapped around for being a coward.....thank you Sir, I don't know what came over me ;-)

I totally agree - after thinking about it, tortional stress is what is killing these bolts. I'm going to look for a M6 10.9 grade bolt (found them on the McMaster-Carr website) - and will grease up the friction surfaces. After I get this pin out, I'm only a few stephs away from getting the head loose (just have to remove all 26 head bolts - what could go wrong)?

Since I am taking the exhaust manifold and turbo out with the head I'm going to have to procure an enging hoist. The local rental place has one, but it will lift 10,000 lbs and has to be towed behind a truck. It could do the job, but I dould have no way to get it around infront of my car (it's nosed into my basement doors - essentially).

Thank you all for your excellent advice - I'll post some pictures after I pull this pin....
The head weighs about 50-60lbs. Lifting it using a beam with 2 person could do it. I would recommend using a light duty engine hoist, 1 ton would do, to give you more control lifting and setting it afterwards. I lifted the OM601 head by hand but I set it down using engine hoist as you do not want to damage the new HG.

Literally all the 10mm bolts from the engine can be used to extract the guide pins. I use 1 bolt from the valve cover and with a stack of washers. You just have to be careful and do not screw it all the way in, leave some room for it to 'pull'. I buggered up the top pin and the bolt snapped INSIDE the guide pin. I had no choice but to drill a hole at the back and punched the pin out. You cannot do it with the lower pin.

Good luck.
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