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w140 A/C problems- 1994 S320

Hi...well, I finally got the blower regulator changed out...and my heater is working great now...but, my AC is completely shot. The climate control only works in EC mode. I ran the diagnostic tests from K6JRF's page...and This is what I got for error codes:

EO 13 and EO 91

According to the site EO 13 is the connection to rear climate control module.

and EO 91 is the A/C compressor ground activation. When I clear out the codes and try to turn on the AC...the compressor clicks on for about a second, and there is a horrible screeching noise that comes from the belts around it...and then I guess it disengages itself and i get the EO 91 code again. The AC will stay in regular mode, but you can tell that the compressor is not turning on...until you clear the code, and the same thing happens again.

What I would like to know is how do I fix both of these problems? Or what do I need to check? Please give me specifics as possible, I am not to mechanically inclined, but with the right help, I have already been able to do the blower regulator in this car and I replaced the window switch console in my wifes ML yesterday.

I ran operational check too...Here are the #'s and values:
1-85, 2-72, 3-98, 4-87, 5-76, 6-99, 7-2, 8-18, 9-30, 16-0

Thanks in advance for your help...
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