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Originally Posted by Skid Row Joe View Post
What did the car cost you in the first place, and how much over that amount have you spent on it thus far since buying?

I think you bought a car similar to what engatwork bought - one that's been completely neglected through non-maintenance before you bought it. Nothing wrong with a "project-car," but you have to ask yourself how much time and MORE money you want to pour in it at this point.

What's it's condition, anyway? Pictures?
I paid less then 1500 for the car. put another 1500 in it roughly. no rust, interior is in excellent shape, exterior 2 dents and come clear coat coming off, wheels are new, rims could be replaced, new brakes. I have pictures, none recent. there is less then 125,000 miles on the transmission.

Originally Posted by Skid Row Joe View Post
Without futzing around, the car needs a 'long-block.' BTDT......dropping a new, remanufactured LB in, cures most everything......

IF the guy needs/ed it for primary transportation, he could make an easy decision. I think he's got several cars, so this is probably an option car to keep or delete.
While I own a couple cars this is/was my primary transportation, my TD is down and needs an IP. I've sourced one but it was having issues before the IP plotzed. it's by the grace of a friend I have any transportation at all

Originally Posted by chilcutt View Post
Any updates ?
Nothing new to report, in the next week I have a trip I will be out on, then the car will be moved back to a long term storage solution. where, when and how is tbd.

Originally Posted by engatwork View Post
I've got a total of about $7k in the 05 E320 wagon now and it has turned out to be a great car that does not seem to use oil.

I'm wondering if the long block for the 95 E300 is the same as the long block in the 99 model.
This is an excellent car, I run my mom to her Dr appointments etc and it's a great and comfortable car. she likes it very well. it's easy for her to get into and out of, and the truck that can fit 3 bodies can fit her wheel chair in easily.

Originally Posted by winmutt View Post
I did some comparison shopping over at and it looks like the majority of the engine is the same. I was surprised at the number of 603 part numbers (like the crank). The biggest difference appears to be the pistons and rods. The rods also share a 602/603/605/606 part number so they wouldnt be too hard to source.
Win, Do you have a rebuild list for a 60X series engine? i wonder if I should have the engine taken out of this car before I move it into storage and take it apart and see what I'm looking at.
1987 300TD 311,000M Stolen. Presumed destroyed
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