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Ok here is my problem, it's a 95 C36, (weather has been raining for a day or two). On wednesday took the car out and noticed the idle was lumpy at times, so i popped her into neutral and gassed her up, and the lumpiness went away. Today (friday) i take her out again (went to see Nicolas Cage's 0-60) and along the way the car seemed to have lost power. Came to a stop light and the lumpiness was there again. So i popped her into neutral and gassed her, only this time around the lumpiness would not go away. Arrived at the cinema, there was an empty parking lot so i gunned it in a straight line, noticeable power loss. I park the car and turn off the ignition. Turn the car back on and everything is fine.
Do the straight line flooring thing and the power is back. After the movie (great car sounds and scenes) the lumpy idle is back....i nurse her back to home and it's in the garage!

Ok what is wrong with my baby...the shops are closed by now and i'll have to wait until monday to book an appointment (please let there be room). I'm worried sick about my baby!

In my limited engine understanding it seems to be that engine may be misfiring, or a sparkplug is gone.......god i hope it's not the valve lifters!

Any insight would be appreciated!

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