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Water Pump Leaking?

I was smelling anti freeze inside the car and fully expected that the heater core was leaking. I assume the heater core is as difficult to replace as the evaporator so I put in some bars leaks. It seemed to cure the heater core problem right away. But, now I have an anti freeze leak.

The leak is coming off the passenger side pan rail along underneath the a/c compressor and along to a point a few bolts behind the compressor.

I have looked over everything in the area of the water pump very, very well, no hoses leaking, thermostat cover tight, heater line connection dry. Everything looks good.

I cannot see the water pump weep hole from underneath. I managed to get my fingers wrapped underneath the snout of the water pump, but could not feel a weep hole. The shaft looks dry.

Any ideas? The bars leaks might have attacked the seal, but I can't find the weep hole.

If it IS the water pump, I figure this is a nice swap off compared to replacing the heater core. I have had great success with Bars Leaks in the past, but the product seems to have changed, it no longer has the pellets inside.

Any thoughts or experiences would be appreciated.

Oh yeah, my Haynes manual says to move the PS pump and a/c compressor out of the way, will this really be necessary.

Thanks greatly for your replies if you have messed with these water pumps or a similar leak before.

Have a great day,
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