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Funny you should mention complaining about the price. I'm not, I mean you gotta have it, but I did ask the filling station owner the other day how he could justify knocking the price up 3-4 cents in between tanker trucks. The way I put it was " the price was X amount two hours ago, now it's up by X and you haven't had today's delivery yet, what gives"? The reply was "corporate office".

That same afternoon my 14 year old son asked me as we passed the filling station "$2.05 (refering to hi-test), that's stupid, do you think anyone really pays that much"? I told, yep I do, because that's what this car takes. He continued asking about the price, etc and my reply was that I have no room to complain, and that there are people I know in other parts of the world paying $4+ a gallon.

I response, I take off a little gentler from stop lights, build my speed slowly but still drive at a comfortable 75-80. It's not how fast you drive, but how you drive fast.
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