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Here are my questions:

1) My 76 300D has 120,000 miles on it, and as far as I can tell has never had the transmission serviced (other than the fact it takes several seconds for reverse to engage, the tranny seems strong). I asked several MBZ mechanics if I should service the transmission and I got differing opinions. One says to "leave well enough alone" - if there aren't any problems why upset the current "chemical balance" inside the transmission. The other mechanic tells me to have the transmission serviced immediately, including all new filters and fluid. What do you think?

One other question: the transmission fluid-level is about 1" above the full line on the dip stick. Should I drain some of the fluid?

2) I've been trying to remove the power steering pump belt so I can replace the AC belt on my 76 300D. The front and rear tensioning screw for the pump are already as far as they will go towards the engine (so I can't slide the pump any further towards the crankshaft pulley). At first I thought that the belt might be too short, but it is the correct length (750mm). I can't figure out how this belt was ever put on in the first place! Am I doing something wrong? Should I just cut the old belt off and use a longer new belt? I'm stumped. Please help!
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