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Hi Benzman;

I've had a 94 C220 for 31/2 years and have had nothing but good experience with it. It's been trouble free, and only been in the shop for sched. maintenance. For a four banger it's pretty peppy- esp with 5 people in the car and 2 weeks worth of luggage in the trunk. Gas milage is good(I get around 650km to a tankful on the highway, 500km in the city). Although the engine is a bit "buzzy", I find it less so than most 4 bangers, and have never found it intrusive in the cabin.
Personally, after 3 1/2 years I still get the same thrill out of the car as I did when I first got it(my wife says I like the car more than her )

Darko Vusir
1994 C220
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