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Low Idle

Bad news from the dealer, slight rough/misfire at idle (seems low 500rpm), and low speed (1 to 3 mph) surging, this only happens when I’ve slowed down to turn around at the end of my cul-de-sac give it just a bit of throttle it surges from 400 to 700 rmps. , was diagnosed as a 1400.00 to 1500.00 Throttle Actuator problem. Searched “Throttle Actuator” common associated problem is check engine light (not happening, yet?) and cruse control problems. My cruse works, BTW it’s a 1994 E500 67k, the 60k was done last year, the wiring harness was replaced 3/95. The only reason the dealer was working on my car was I thought the Starmark warranty that I assumed from the last owner would was in effect only to find out the warranty is not assumable if the car passes through a dealer. Spit, crouch, vomit, bummer!

Anyway if anyone could shed some light, thanks

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