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Originally Posted by Idle View Post
This is not an isolated feeling. The Republican donors I know in Texas refuse to speak about Trump anymore. All of them feel scammed by the Republicans.

I was with some of these guys just the other day. I was having a great time pointing out how stupid they were to trust Trump. So they all pulled out the 'Did you trust Hillary' thing and I told them they elected Trump and no amount of crying or trying to change the subject would alter that.

I also pointed out I was over Hillary losing but they seemed to not be able to let go of the fact that Trump won.

So are these people going to give to Democrats next time? Nope, but they are not going to give a dime to any current Republican. They are currently searching for someone they can 'work with'.

I told them good luck with that. Did they know any Republican that could be trusted? The only answer was G. W. Bush (and I agree with this) but they will have a tough time convincing him to run for the Senate.
Tell them to give it to Bernie's, he could use another second house on a lake. Like all good people that fight for the poor have. That and the President will probably only need a quarter of the funds the Democrat candidate will need to win again.
The Senators in his own party are not a sure vote for his agenda, so this cycle may not be critical if an R or D win anyhow.
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