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The other night I was driving to the gas station and filled her up. When I came back out, the battery was so dead it wouldn't even begin to turn over. So, I recieved a jump. When I was driving around town, and had to stop at a trafficlight for like mroe than 10-15 seconds, a message in the message center came up that said "Traction Control Error" and the ASR, SRS, and ABS lights came on. The car had minimal acceleration, but after 20 yards or so, the message went off, and the car acted normal. After about an hour of driving and when I was going back home, I had to stop at a traffic light for an extended period of time. Not only did the beforemention happened, but all of the electrical systems shut down to the point where I didn't have enough juice to roll the windows down! I put it in neutral, and reved the engine to about 2k RPMs, and the car came back around. I took the car into my MB dealer Friday, and the computer did not throw any alarms and everything checked out. I thought (and so did he at first) that the alternator was bad, but it checked out fine. Now, he is going to run some more extensive tests ttoday, but do any of you guys know what could be the problem? Cheers!

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