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Re: Donít buy from Mercantile Europarts Inc.

Originally posted by ksing44
Donít buy from Mercantile Europarts Inc., because it could turn in to a nightmare like it did for me.
This is not a fluke! I bought a 4.5 head from them a year or so ago that arrived in horrible waterstained and taped packaging and appeared to be dropped causing major damage to the mating surface. They first claimed that I was a liar, even after I sent them digital photos documenting the damage. Then they told me to file a claim with UPS which I did. Since they were the shipper, they got the insurance check from UPS. They would not send the money to me after repeated emails and phone calls claiming UPS never reimbursed them. I contacted UPS who stated that the claim was paid 7 days after I filed it. It was not until after I contacted the Dade County Sheriff's office to pay them a visit that they finally sent my refund. Look at their Ebay feedback. Any complaint is blamed on the buyer, usually with insults. They take no responsibility for their actions.
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