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Good news. Followed your suggestions, and removed both handles. They just pop out without having to remove the inner door panels - thank goodness !!
It appears that somehow the retaining screws had worked loose. I simply replaced the screws, and everything is just fine.
I also subscribed to Alldata, which is a great source of DIY info. Once again many thanks.

I have about 80k miles on the "Bus" - as my girlfriend calls it [she considers it to be quite big, although I don't think so].
Have had it for about 3 years now. Black with beige interior.
Really good-looking car, beautiful lines. I really much prefer this model to the newer ones.
I do most of the simple work on it myself, and have found a great independent shop to do all the code-related stuff.

Main problems I have had included an overheating episode which blew the head gaskets, and the obligatory wire harness replacement. The overheating was thought to be due to a blocked thermostat.
What sort of temperatures do you normally run at? Here in Fla I am at approx 80 - 90 degs on the highway, and in heavy traffic, it goes up to about 105 -110, with the big fans wailing away. I am sort of paranoid about the temperature now.

Thanks for the heads-up on the oil tubes. Let me know how it went when you get round to doing it.

I will post a pic next time.

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