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I have 1989 260E, 130K miles that (only on days when temp is above 60 degrees, or when raining) the engine baubles and hesitates badly for about the first 5 minutes. Afetr that fine for the rest fo the day. In the last year, I have replaced both fuel pumps, all the injectors, new plugs, wires, fuel filter and it still does it.

I have been told to start replacing parts one at a time, but that is going toget REAAAALLY expensive. Dealer told me to start with the O2 sensor, then the fuel distributor. There must be a better way to diagnose this!

Also, my SRS light goes on (religiously!) after driving for more than an hour or so. When cold or in town, no light....just on long highway drives. Any idea on what may be causing this?

Any help would be appreciated!! Thanks!

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