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Re: Spark plug will not tighten!!!

Originally posted by mike690003
Hello Board, I have been meaning to ask the question, but I have never gotten around to it. Now is the time!

My #4 spark plug will not tighten at all, it seems that the previous owner somehow ruined the threading in that hole. With the plug wire on it, I can physically feel the spark popping and jumping. Is there any damage or performance loss that can be linked to this loose spark plug??
I Would NOT drive the car until it was repaired! The Leaking plug WILL Cause damage! And yes there will be a Loss of power.
Go Down to the Local Autoparts store and Buy a Insert kit. Helicoil is a Good one to use. Take your time! Please apply grease to the Chase tool so metal shavings wont fall into the Top of the Piston..
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