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Question Guide Rod Bushing: What's the best way to pull/push/hold the spindle forward?

I'm going to replace a bad guide rod bushing (driver's side) this weekend on my W126 (85 380SE). I read all the posts I could find here on the subject. I also went to my MB service manual and found the 'official' procedure.

MB recommends removal of the 2 bolts holding the carrier to the floorpan first, unthreading the bushing from the guide rod tube, then replacing the bushing in the carrier off the car. They also note that it isn't necessary to do anything to the spring, but that the job is easier if the spindle is held in a forward position.

Other posters have noted that you can't do the job otherwise, unless you compress the spring and remove the guide rod too.
What I want to know is if anyone can describe a really good way to move and hold the spindle forward, safely.

A couple of posters discussed using a come-along, and some mention a ram. I have both. MB doesn't say how this should be done in the manual. Anyone care to share their experience doing this job?
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