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Lee Scheeler
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Thanks for the compliments Steve.

I would be very unhappy with the overspray situation. The amount of trade in that could be deducted for any paintwork or especially a repaint of the hood would hurt the value. If it were my "new" car I would likely go back to the dealership and be after blood. Perhaps there was an incedent in shipping that caused them to have to do a bit of paint work. If so they should at least ethically, if not legally, of declared it and given you an appropriate price break. Go to them and pursue some kind of compensation. I would avoid a hood repaint at all costs. Some place like "Fixx-a-dent" Or any other reputable paintless dent removel specialist should suffice. There is no excuse for a brand new car from a dealer that isn't brand new.

Good Luck...Lee
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