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I'd just make sure nothing is blocking the seat from going back, tilt it ahead and look between the upper and lower parts. maybe, if nothing is found, try pulling the chrome backrest release handle and then try putting the seat backrest into the normal position. The beeping is going to continue until the backrest is latched, this is normal. Never seen a backrest that refused to go back to the normal latched position. I agree it may be a good idea to move the seat forward as far as possible. There is a proximity sensor which prevents the seat backrest from contacting the rear areas of the car. If the backrest is reclined back, the seat bottom moves ahead, this is very cool to try out. OR if the backrest is reclined, then the seat is adjusted rearwars, the backrest will come to a more erect position. What probably happened is that the backrest was reclined, then you tilted the backrest forward to remove the sheepies, but then you also moved the seat backwards to help get access to remove the covers. Now it's hitting something in back, some trim or something, so just try moving the whole seat forward and then the backrest will latch.


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