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California model strange tach problem

I have this strange tach problem with my 85 300D California emissions model. Ever since I've owned this car, the tach wasn't working. I found the fuse that is behind the glove box and replaced it. The tach worked but what happened as a consequence was that the transmission wouldn't shift out of first or if it did it would downshift back down almost immediately. So I pulled the fuse and the transmission shifted normally again. I have been searching for a wiring diagram for this specific model but none show the difference. I was wondering if there was someone in this tech section that may be familiar with this sort of problem.
BTW this model does not have the relay under the hood in the diagnostic connector as the federal model does.
I would be really appreciative if someone would be able to help me with this.

84 300D Turbodiesel 190K with 4 speed manual sold in 03/2012
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