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First of all, it's not the one with "Klima" on it. Klima is AC in German. That's the AC clutch relay.

Check the following:

1. When you turn the ignition you should hear the fuel pump turn on for a few seconds. If you can hear it, the fuel pump relay shouldn't be the problem. It is the black one next to "Klima". You can bridge the pump. Remeber this is just for testing you can't drive it becasue the pump will never shut off. Take off the relay and bridge input jacks 7 and 8 with a small piece of wire. This should energize the pump. You can try starting it. If it doesn't energize then your problem is the pump itself.

2. Check the overvoltage protection relay. It's the one with the 10amp fuse on top of it. The first step is to check the fuse. The problem with this relay is that if you unplug it completely the car won't start. If the fuse is blown the car should turn on with either a rough or high idle. Unless your relay is completely fried your car should start.

3. Check the crankshaft position sensor plug on the EZL. EZL is a black box mounted right above the ABS pump. It has three plugs. The smallest one (one pole) is the crank position sensor. Check if it is loose. Clean it and get something sharp to bend the contact points on the female side (on the wire) connector.

One of these should solve your problem.

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