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Well I am still having problems with my car. First I thought it was the coil, then I thought it was just cause it was flooded. But after I let things dry out the car still wont start. The car is getting plenty of fuel, I am pretty sure the ignition system is in question here. Now the thing is what else could it possibly be, I tested the resistance of the Crankshaft position pickup which were within spec. Now the thing is what else could possibly be causing this? Here is what happend, well last wednesday I drove the car all day and then all of a sudden the car started stalling out when I would push the gas more than 1/2 down, then the problem went away and I didnt think anything of it, well the next morning I started the car and it warmed up at about 1400rpm for about 2 minutes, then when I put in reverse it moved about 2 feet then just died when I gave it some gas and has never started since. In all my attempts to start the sucker I managed to flood the car (to the point where there was a puddle underneath the throttle plate). I am lost here and really dont know what to do, thanks for your help.
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