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I have a 1995 C280. As Larry says, it is the M104. The layout is similar to the M103, but there are several issues to deal with. The shroud is a two piece affair; pull the hose clip at the top and turn. Be careful to get all the pins engaged going back together. The fan/fan clutch is very difficult to remove on a C Class because the fan is closer to the radiator than on an E Class. The M/B tool is too long once mounted on a ratchet or breaker bar. I recently bought an 8mm ratchet box wrench. I intend to cut off a piece of an 8mm allen wrench to use with the ratchet box wrench; this will give more clearance than the other options. It is hard to engage the fan lock tool; I bent a long piece of 1/4" steel rod to suit and had to unplug a connector on the upper timing cover. You will have to unbolt and shift to the side the A/C Compressor and P/S Pump. It is a job that requires some patience on the C Class.
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