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Hi- We have a 79 280CE w/110 Motor. When you start the car it revs real fast, then it slows down, then revs real fast again. The oil pressure will shoot up to 40, then back down to about 30, then 40 again with it's in Park. We are going to change plugs, wire, distributor cap and button. But is there an idle speed setting that we need to be concerned with.

We are restoring this car from being in the barn "literally" for 6 years. The interior is primo and the paint/etc is great too. I'm sure we just have a few bugs and dust bunnies to flush out. Any advice would be great.

Also, the sunroof is very sluggish, you have to help it open and close. Any clues there.

Thanks in advance....

Eric D in TN.
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