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Originally Posted by BigBenzWV
Congradulation!!! Under $4K is a great deal. Mine is a 1991 with 102000 mile and it has exactly the same color as yours and I paid $5K for it this May.

Hopwever, I have been working on it ever since the first day and $1200 spent so far. Changing all the filters and fluid will run you about $300 DIY. Hope you will have better luck than me.
I'm sure I'll be spending plenty of money on the car but this one has been going to the same MB mechanic I plan to use right on schedule. It's 600 miles away from the next one so it won't be long. I came in $1100 under what planned to spend for a 560SEL plus I'd budgeted $1500 for a timing chain job which this car has already had.

If it costs us $3000 a year to maintain a 560SEL, we're getting a far better deal than people driving a typical $20k new car on a 48-month car loan.

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