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Block heater! - Not the usual story....

Hello all,
I was poking around under the hood of the 83 today and found that I actually DO have a block heater installed! I went through my shelves of Benz parts (mostly old - don't get excited now, these are my backup parts so nothing is for sale!) and found a block heater cord. I plugged it all in and waited for that signature hiss..... Nothing! I pulled the cord and looked at the contacts on the heater - one is completely broken off..... DANG! So what do you think of this one eh? Is it easier to remove a stock block heater than that infernal plug? The original engine did not have one and I attempted to get the plug out with my limited technology (no lift or pit at the time). The engine that is in the car was used, so I assume they just ripped the cords out without care and snapped the post off.
Main questions:
What is the size of that thing? I want to finally have the stock heater like my 79 had! I have tried all types of different heaters on this car over the years and none have compared to that little stock one. My plan is to get the stock heater working, add tranny, oil sump, and battery heaters to the car so I will be prepared to ship anywhere in the world. My friend was sent to AK, he ended up selling his car and buying a gasser dodge P/U that still isn't starting without being plugged in! I do not want this to happen to me!
Let me know what your thoughts are. I do not need to hear about all the different stick on, magnetic, in hose heaters out there, I have thrown almost every different type of heater on her (lots of good block heaters on wrecked cars around here - sorry but requests will be denied - all free time is devoted to the PROJECT) in different locations around the engine and they help, but not to the extent of being like a warm start.

I do have one more request for information, this time for the BIO folks.
I plan on running a separate HEATED tank in the trunk, with the supply and return lines running IN the cooling hoses to keep the fuel hot on its journey to the IP. Has anyone out there done this? Is there a good quality CIRCULATING "block heater" that I could tie into this coolant circuit to Pre-heat the tank in extreme circumstances? Any information on custom fittings built for this application would be greatly appreciated. ESPICALLY if anybody knows of a fitting that will allow the fuel lines to exit the cooling hose without restricting flow, preferably of a compatible metal or alloy to those metals used in the engine and radiator. Definitely do not need any early corrosion, and no rubber, plastic ect. will keep me from worrying about coolant/fuel mixing

Anyway, after all this heat talk I am thinking of the power cord required to run all that junk -- and to stay flexible at subzero temperatures --- I don't even want to think about how much that will cost.....
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