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[QUOTE=Breckman99]Is it easier to remove a stock block heater than that infernal plug?

Funny -- I had my W123 300td plugged in the other week and heard a pop that kind of reminded me of a coffemaker dying. No more heat, and three months of Wisconsin winter to look forward to. Soooo...

I would say yes, the block heater is fairly easy to change vs. the block plug, probably on a par with a starter replacement vs. a swap of the oil cooler lines. I pulled the right outer tie rod to make some space for the 20-inch breaker bar, working from below with the front wheels on ramps. It came out with a modicum of grunting and groaning. (I'm 6-1, 230, but the long wrench made it pretty easy to get it started. Get a cheap one at Harbor Freight if you have to.)

I'd suggest a little sealant on the threads when you install the replacement.

Russ M
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