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Originally Posted by samiam4
Good luck....

Been there last Saturday. Unless you've got a fancy Stallwillie or they revised the lift bracket.... revise your game plan.
Whats a Stallwillie? Sounds like what I've been looking for

Originally Posted by samiam4
Looking at mine- the coolant gauge sensor is out of range by a similar amount. The fan switch- I cannot remember it comming on even parking the car in 100F weather. So, I'm guessing that isn't right and it needs replacing too.

There are seals underneath the sensors...
I did that fan switch last spring. Its really wide on top so no socket can get over it. I really butchered the thing getting it out and if it had needed any torque, I would have been in big trouble.

Originally Posted by samiam4
Makes me wonder about the sensor on the intake too...

Good point. The scary part is if it the water temp sender (engine temp on gage) is off by much it would really be screwing up my calculations on the water temp sensor.
Thanks for your input Michael I should be able to put my water temp sensor in in the morning in this snow we are having, and I'll post my results.


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Reading your M103 duty cycle:

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