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Well its been a while but I have finally got her running and am ready to have emissions retested. The first appointment I could get is for Tuesday at 10AM

So far I have:
Changed the water temp sensor.
New cap & rotor.
Oil change.
2 big bottles of Techron in a tank of 93 octane.

Being a nervous type I was looking at my duty cycle at X11 (engine fully warmed). It starts out at about 45% and fluctuates but it heads down to the just under 10% range and fluctuates around there (8-12%). Is this ok? I was thinking that it should fluctuate closer to 50% but don't really know.

I just want to do whatever I can in the next bit of time before the test to improve my chances. I have read Duke's instructions for fully warming up these cars and keeping them at high idle right up to the test. But is this duty cycle reading an indication that there is still a problem with the lambda system?

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Reading your M103 duty cycle:
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