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I have a used 1995 S500 starmark with 30K miles. Major service is done. Recently while cruising the engine cut off and car stalled. Happened four times. Serious driving hazard. Dealer checked on computer and found no fault codes. However happened again with dealer foreman in car. Is this a known problem with S500?
For I had a similar problem with 1992 500SEL. Anybody have similar problem on this engine? or what causes it?
This car has been trouble. Had bad exhaust smell, to rectify this, Dealer has changed Catalytic converter-Air flow sensor-One fuel injector-O2 sensor-Remaining 7 fuel injectors for Smell problem. Hopefully smell is gone now. It has also new -distributor cap and engine timing cover.
Are these normal problems on S-500 class cars or is this a Lemon?
Engine cutoff is a new problem after all above parts were changed.


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