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Ivan C
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My 86' 300SE W126 starts normally when the engine is hot but it is very hard to start when cold. I tried the best to pointout the main cause, it give me the following summary:
1. To start the cold engine, it need about 8-10 seconds.
2. To start the HOT engine, it starts instantly.
3. When the cold engine was started, I instantly switch it off and restart, it was started instantly.
4. I measured the battery by the voltmeter, the reading is about 11.5V.
5. I tried to press the acceleration pedal deeply when cold start, no improvement! (still need about 10 seconds)
6. I lived in Asia and the temperature of my area is about 20-30 *C.
I really want to make my car perfect and keep it forever (at least as long as I can!!)
Please help!! Thanks.
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