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Hello everybody,
I believe my 190e 2.6 is running rich. I changed the spark plugs distributor Cap and rotor, wires,air filter with no luck. I am very well familiar with the K-Jetronic and Jetronic w/ lambda fuel system but not with the KE-Jetronic. It hesitates in the morning for a few seconds (Starts then dies right away then when I start it again, it idles erratically for about 3-5 seconds then Idles fine (it goes up then drop when it warms up)I cleaned the throttle body and mass flow sensor with no success. This is my first MB as I am a BMW man. I LOVE the MB as much as I LOVE my bimmers(Never bought a car other than a BMW except for my new Benz. I would like to know if there's anything PARTICULAR about the 190 E 2.6L cars that I need to Look for before I attempt diagnosing the problem. I shall check the cold start valve for operation/leak and injectors too soon.
PS. Does this car has a Coolant temp. sensor and where it's at? Also, is the MB repair manual (CD) any good before I spend the money?

Thank you all.
Great Board and I am truly impressed with the responses for the different problems posted.
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