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I have a 82 380 SEL (Euro), CIS E system. The engine will run perfectly one day then rough the next day at all RPM's.
Very intermittent. Somedays it will run smoothly for some miles and then begin to skip and run rough. The ABS light will come on when I hit about 5 MPH. Have not yet cleaned the sensor ports and this may be the problem. However, with many of the threads that I followed on OVP, their might be a connection to the OVP sensor. The problem is that I cannot find the sensor where it is supposed to be located per the MB manuals.Does this model have a OVP sensor? The plugs, rotor and cap are all new. Although they were ready for replacement there is no difference in performance. I have run Techron through to clean the injectors and still no difference. I have been using my wifes 300SD and my daughters 300E, but I am wearing out my welcome. I need help. Before I bring it in to my independent (I am stubborn) anyone have any suggestions.
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