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My '90 300SE with 245K on it is running warmer than I think it should. Symptoms are:

Driving at HWY speeds, temp about 85-90C. As soon as I stop for longer than a minute, temp goes to 100C. At a long light, or heavy traffic, 110C+. Then, the fan comes on and temp quickly begins to drop, or I start moving and temp drops. Also, after a breif shut down, for gas ect., upon restart, temp jumps to 110C then drops quickly. Ambient temp around 90F

Coolant level is good. A/C works fine except for a breif perid last week that Benzmac thought might be a problem with the low speed fan. Since then, A/C works fine.

I do have an exhaust leak at the head/manifold, I don't know if this is related. I'm off again tomorrow to Dallas, and would appreciate promt responce. I did not own this car last summer, but these temps seem abnormal.



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