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I have a slight trans problem on my 84 500 sel euro. If I start off with shift lever in "3" position, my trans will "stick" in first gear... have to let off gas or shift to drive to get it out of first. If I start off in "D" position, all is well and the trans will shift fine (as it really starts off in second gear in this position anyway). Is there a relativly easy fix to this problem or do I have to go inside the trans?

I did some preliminary checks and found that the wrong modulator had been installed by previous owner (was orange but should have been white) so I replaced it but aside from correcting the shift "harshness" it did nothing for this problem. I do not own trans pressure gages so I just adjusted the modulator by "feel". I hope I did not hurt the trans in any way.

Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated

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