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Hello everyone,
Earlier in the year I had some creaking and rattling coming from my rear suspension so I took it in to the dealership and they replaced the right rear lower control arm bushing for $250. Of course the labor was most of it. Anyway, now the same damn creaking is coming from the left rear suspension. I know it is the same problem because it makes the same noise from the same location. I don't really want to spend $250 more dollars to fix a creak so could anyone tell me how to do this myself? I already know how to take the wheel off, unscrew the control arm (from some other rod), and then try to grease down in there where the bushing is but it's pretty tight and hard to do. Then I work the control arm around in the grease. This has worked a few times but this time it didn't and it got worse. So far the bushing starts acting up when I'm on the highway during really wet conditions or hot conditions for an extended amount of time. Any help on either greasing it better by telling me how to disassemble it better or replace the bushing all together will be saving me much $$$ and time. Hope to hear some responses! Thanks, Scott
Scott Chaffin
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